The mega trend of sitting in motion at a very high level is reflected in the new W3, the first 3D stool by WAGNER of Germany.
This unique stool keeps in motion while sitting, as well as in a standing position. The absolute novelty of this product is the patented base made of shaped thermo-synthetic material which is divided into individual segments.
Just like a high-tech sports shoe, the base can be perfectly adapted to the ground and to the slope. Thus the stool developes an unique behaviour of movement extremely dynamic, yet very safe and stable. Beautifully styled, it is becoming a leading product in the new world of the sit and stand workplace!

Interesting designer sofa DS-490 by Thomas Kirn for deSede of Switzerland in tufted leather.
This new DS-490 model is a true quick change artist: All it takes is two hand movements for the futuristic looking sofa to turn into a double-relax-lounger. Despite the many functions and the carefully thought out mechanism, DS-490 convinces with its lean silhouette and inviting comfort. This masculine appearing upholstery furniture acts as a sculptural presence in the room and serves as a cockpit for stylish multimedia enjoyment or as a wellness island for pure relaxation.

Riverside by Mac Stopa for Tonon takes the lounge experience to an exciting new level. Visually impressive, delightfully soft and comfortable, Riverside’s organic design with 3D skin is inspired by nature. Its sculptural shape and organic curved lines resemble the pattern of waves in the sand at the river’s edge. Made from molded polyurethane, the armchair is light weight, easy to move, waterproof, non-toxic 100% hygienic material and available in eight colors. With a built-in water drainage system, Riverside is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use. Riverside awards:


Model: Chillap by Jori

Designed by: Verhaert

Country of Origin: Belgium


Multi functional design that combines an ultimate seating comfort with a desk functions thanks to the integrated laptop table in the moveable armrest. The blotting pad protects the chair against damage and dirt


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